About MamaPixie

I am lucky enough that my passion for babywearing is my job! You can be sure that every item I create is made with care and attention to detail in my dedicated MamaPixie studio.

I make stunning and originally designed mei tais, half and full buckles baby carriers and ringslings, provide wrap services like chopping and conversion to ringsling, as well wrap scrap accessories including my unique cowls with our signature teeny sling rings!

I am a member of the BCIA (Baby Carrier Industry Alliance) and over the next 18 months, will be having my carriers tested to ensure they are up to the high BSEN standards that are currently only voluntary for baby carrier makers in the UK.

My aim is always to create beautiful, strong, useful, durable carriers with love and joy in every stitch.

The first thing I ever willingly sewed was a patchwork baby dress. It was 2011, a couple of months before Pixie was due, and one day I suddenly got in my head that I wanted to make her a dress. I got out the sewing machine a family member had given me two years earlier that had been sat in the attic unused, followed a simple pattern from a book and made three dresses in two days.

From baby dresses came skirts, tops, toddler dresses, play cloaks evolving into the wide range of divine babywearing items I now make for your Littles!

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