About Me and Mine

Hello there!

I’m Emi, Mama to three unschooled Wildling children and wife to Stephen. I’m also the head, heart & hands behind MamaPixie, where I create beautiful baby carriers and ring slings, provide wrap services, and create stunning wrap scrap accessories!

We began our gentle parenting journey in 2009 with the birth of our son, Ru. Followed by our daughter Pixie in 2011, and Gaia in 2014, our family is complete (for now at least!).

We also share our home in Yorkshire with our three beloved cats, Millie, Yuli, and Taliesin.

Stephen and I try to parent as gently and genuinely as possible, striving to be present, mindful and considerate towards our children. We are an autonomously educating family, having dabbled with traditional primary school education for Ru for all of 4 months before taking the leap into home education.


Meet The Family!

Emi – 30. Pagan. Creative. Gamer. Runner. Hiddleston Obsessive. Tea Drinker.

Stephen Р33. Whedonite. Musician. Homebody. Likes BoJack Horseman.

Ru – 7. Lego master. Introvert. Gamer-in-training. DanTDM fan.

Pixie – 4 1/2. Independent. Fierce. Little Bird. Loves Rainbow Dash.

Gaia – 2. Sunshine. Joy. Requires you to sing after she pees in the potty.

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