I’m not entirely sure I *get* New Year. I understand the passage of time, sure, but the whole resolutions thing? Not so much.

Maybe it’s just me, but if you’re going to start a good habit, break an undesirable one, or make a change in your life, why wait? Why not now?

Maybe it’s that I have never actually kept a New Year resolution and I’m just jealous of everyone else’s successes. I used to be very much of the mindset of “Go big or go home.” This does set me up for failure though.

One January, I decided to overhaul my entire diet massively and created an intense exercise regime that involved yoga everyday, high impact cardio twice a week, running, and several other core strength workouts. Needless to say I failed.

One January, I decided to teach myself Slovakian so I could speak to Stephen’s stepmother in her mother tongue. Needless to say I failed and can speak entirely no Slovak.

One January, I tried to be clever and instead of making resolutions, I started the Day Zero Challenge. This is where you write a list of 101 things or goals you’d like to achieve in the next 1001 days – the logic being that 365 days is an unreasonable amount of time to achieve something big, like travel to America or become a rock star. I actually tried to do this two years running and needless to say… I failed BOTH times.

What I’m discovering as I get older is that it’s all about Little Changes. Teeny little steps.

My resolutions this year are not crazy or unreasonable. They are totally attainable with a little hard work.


My first one is to overhaul my wardrobe. I’m at that weird place shape-wise right now, where my maternity clothes are too big, but my regular clothes are too small. Almost NOTHING fits my boobs in.

I have an idea in my head of how my dream wardrobe would look, hippy-bohemian-junk-gypsy-country with a splash of mori girl. But also practical and machine washable and isn’t going to break the bank! I’ve been pinning over on my Hippy Mama Style board on Pinterest so I have plenty of inspiration. I’ve ordered a new pattern to make tunics for myself.

Little steps for this goal include;

* buying more belts
* getting rid of shoes that don’t fit me* investing in some fabulous kicks
* find a long sleeve, breastfeeding accessible top that comes in several colours (and ideally stripes!) to layer under other tops
* let go of the dresses I own that I never freaking wear
* invest in amazing leggings and tights (like these!)


My second one is food. It’s not a big one this resolution, just a few tweaks I’d like to make.

* make more sweet food from scratch
* use my slow cooker more, especially on weekends where Stephen is at work all day
* eat more fruit


Third up is my kids. Only three little steps here.

* Say YES More!
* Be more mindful and present
* take more photos of me and the kids together


Fourthly, I’d like to continue evolving our home! We’re on a kick right now to declutter all the things we don’t need and don’t use. It’s tough but gratifying.

* sort out the kitchen storage – it’s a jumbled disorganised mess and could stand to be better.
* build a baby gate for when Gaia starts crawling
* sand down our vintage rocking horse and repaint it
* reseal around the bath, sinks and toilet
* sell on the books I’m finished with
* sell on the crafting books that I don’t love!


There’s other random things too, like Kiss Steve More, and Try Not To Waste So Much Time Looking At Pins Of Tom Hiddleston On Pinterest. The former will be easy because it’s a pleasure. The latter… tough habit to break, that one! I legit adore him.


Little steps.

And maybe just ONE more picture of Tom Hiddleston.



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  • Reply Lisa January 10, 2015 at 3:09 pm

    Completely agree about setting reachable goals! And I’m also a Hiddleston groupie. #sorrynotsorry

    • Reply MamaPixie January 10, 2015 at 3:32 pm

      Would marrying Tom Hiddleston be a reachable goal for 2015 for us? I’d be willing to share him with you, Lisa! ;) E, x

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