This began as something different…

This began as something different.

An outpouring of frustration and hurt and tender wounds. About cliques and exclusion and being Left Out.

But like attracts like, and I’m trying to hard to be Better, and see the world in the open, clear from those dark places.


One of my online Mama-friends has gone missing. Facebook profile deactivated. Phone turned off. People worrying because she has a history of depression and suicide. The police have been rung.

We talked online the other day.

I’m sad, and worried, and scared for her.


It seems self-indulgent to talk about what I originally wanted to. Frivolous, even.

I see people, wonderful women, acting to find this friend. Make sure she’s okay. Hoping for positive news.

Shifting my focus from the women who don’t want me, to the women who do, who support and value me. From the dark to the light.



Send out some light into the world today. You don’t know who needs it.

(EDIT: My friend has been found. She’s alive but hurting. One breath at a time, beloved girl.)

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