About Me and Mine


I’m Emi, Mama to three unschooled Wildling children and wife to Stephen. I’m also the head, heart & hands behind MamaPixie, where I create empowering birth & mother blessing resources and original wrap scrap accessories.

Stephen and I got together in 2008, and began the parenting chapter of our story in 2009 with the birth of our son, Ru. He was followed by our daughter Pixie in 2011, and Gaia in 2014. (We also managed to sneak a wedding in there in 2010!)

We also share our home in Yorkshire with our three beloved cats, Millicent Beauregarde, Yuliet Florence, and Duke Taliesin von Pomperdink. Yes, you read that last name correctly.

I decided to train to be a doula after the birth of my youngest daughter, Gaia. Her arrival earthside changed my life, and part of that support came from my amazing doula.

After completing my Red Tent training in 2015, I jumped right into the phenomenal world of doulaing. I’m currently a Mentored Doula registered with DoulaUK. You can read more about my doula work and training here. The experiences I have been gifted with through serving birthing people and their partners is reflected in the birth affirmation cards that I create, along with an understanding of how language affects us emotionally, physically, and spiritually during pregnancy and birth.

I have always worn our babies, so 8 years of babywearing experience is reflected in a true understanding of the meaningful importance of those wraps in our lives, as well as the memories they hold within their fibres. This, along with attention to detail and a whole butt-load of creativity enables me to create the most amazing and personal wrap scrap accessories.

Meet The Family!

Emi – 31. Pagan. Creative. Runner. Birth Obsessive. Tea Drinker.

Stephen – 34. Whedonite. Musician. Postman. Likes Rick & Morty. Obnoxiously cheerful.

Ru – 8. Lego master. Introvert. Gamer-in-training. Red belt in karate.

Pixie – 6. Independent. Fierce. Dancer. Strong as hell.

Gaia – 3. Sunshine. Joy. Lover of unicorns.


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