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The Doula’s Journey: The Empress

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The Empress   

   The first person we recognise in our life is our mother.  The Empress represents the world of nature and sensation,  of abundance. It is the card of motherhood. If there is one  card that is the doula’s card, it’s this one. Not only that, the  imagery on this card of a tree with pink tips closely  resembles a placenta in my eyes!

   This card resonates with me for a few reasons. Firstly, I  am a mother myself. Being a parent is a huge part of my life  and is how I define myself and my place in this world. It is  not the only thing I use to define myself, but it is a very  large part of it. Everything I do, and every decision I make  is for the benefit of my children, the benefit of our family.

  Secondly, doulaing is naturally female-centric, a  wonderful acknowledgement of the power of women,  something that is sadly lacking in our modern society. It is  slowly being claimed back and explored further, but so  many women are lacking that link with others, especially  in the most womanly of arts; birth. Realising that women  need other women, on a spiritual as well as physical level  was amazing.

 (On a related note, when I do readings, this card  CONSISTENTLY comes up in every reading about  relationships with other women.)

   This card also represents me at this stage, deepening my roots and base into the earth, into those I trust, as well as reaching out my branches and arms to others for light and inspiration. It is so important to have a strong foundation to come from when supporting others, a network to doula the doula. Not only that, a strong knowledge base is essential to be well-informed and be able to signpost women to the information they need to make a confident decision

I spent a lot of time talking to other doulas, other women, and my husband about the possibility of training to be a doula, with positive responses. It strengthened my resolve and fed my soul to take another step on my journey, much like the light and water that a tree needs in order to grow.

For me to grow personally, I needed to reach a point where I wanted to train to be a doula, because I knew I could do it, not because other people thought I’d be good at it. Whilst that was encouraging to hear, ultimately, that decision was mine alone to make and I needed to do it for my own reasons and not because others thought it a good idea. It’s all very well being a tree in a forest, but if I lack my own roots, my own drive, my own convictions, I’m hardly going to get anywhere.

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